Christmas In The City - Carols by Warisan Sarawak

Persatuan Warisan Sarawak is proud to introduce yet another annual event. Christmas In The City -  Carols by Warisan Sarawak is the association’s initiative to promote the culture of caroling and other Christmas traditions among the participants and the surrounding urban communities. It is also a platform for Warisan Sarawak to further groom talented youths, especially from Sarawak and Sabah, thus encouraging and guiding their passion and talents, artistically and spiritually.

This event takes place throughout December and carolers are invited to perform Christmas Carols at several designated places generously granted by commercial establishments around Kuala Lumpur based on mutual understanding and long standing relationship with the association. In return, the carolers will be given tokens of appreciation in cash and kinds provided by the respective participating venues, channeled through Persatuan Warisan Sarawak. Proceeds will be distributed among the group of carolers accordingly and part of it goes to the association as management fees.

Part of the program requires the groups to offer Christmas Carols in charity homes of their choice.  All cost involved in bringing the Christmas Cheer to the less fortunate will be covered using a portion of the funds obtained from the commercial establishments.  Among others are the cost of transportation, meals and small gifts.

Groups taking part comprises of various associations, student bodies and individuals who are keen in getting involved with the tradition of the season.  This is an opportunity to experience the joy of carolling outside the comfort zones of homes and churches. They will also get introduced to different environments of Christmas the City.

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