About Warisan Sarawak

Formed in August 2007, Persatuan Warisan Sarawak is an organisation which brings together Sarawakians from all walks of life, working, studying and living in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding areas. It acts as a social commuity network to bring out the best in the diverse ethnic spectrum harmoniously displayed back in mother land.

Through the spirit of Sarawak unity, it focuses on improving the quality of living for members while preserving the cultural heritage and ethnic rights beyond the Hornbill's borders. The resulting educational impact designed to be felt on a national level will hopefully assist in a more meaningful 'national integrity', thus eliminating the 'seluruh Malaysia, Sabah dan Sarawak' notion among the general Malaysians.

This blog site serves as a dynamic information portal for the public to learn about the organization and get current updates for activities and upcoming events.  It is the interactive complement to the official web site www.warisansarawak.net and www.warisansarawak.com      Interacting with the committee and members is made easy with facebook, a massive and effective social network tool serving businesses and NGOs alike.