Persatuan Warisan Sarawak was formed to be a social community network bringing together citizens of Sarawak living in the Klang Valey. Membership is open to all ethnic origin, religion, socio-political backgrounds and demographics. It aims to develop a support center for members seeking specific assistance in dealing with personal and community issues.

One issue raising concern among members is the slow but certain disappearance of traditional values and customs of most of the ethnic communities in Sarawak. While embracing modernization, many believe that it is important to uphold ethnic identities and traditions without contradicting general social and religious values. Through discussion and brainstorm sessions, a draft of plans and strategies is then put into action thus raising the awareness and appreciation of such values. Activities would include cultural showcases, talks, workshops and festivals.

Another constant situation that needs to be addressed is the lack of assistance and resources available to fresh graduates in securing a decent job in the city. Members with professional experience in various fields can prove to be a valuable melting pot of guidance and connections. Career talks and motivational sessions are seen as beneficial to both current and future graduates.

Enterprising members may also benefit from the existence of such a resourceful organization. Although no financial assistance is offered, we hope to pull in successful entrepreneurs as benchmarks and sources of inspiration that will eventually spark bright business ideas and ventures.

Active voluntary participation will definitely expose members to different levels of managing an organization, which in turn reveals the characteristics of a practical and effective management system. It can serve as a channel for those wishing to practice good governance and transparent administration. It is a hands on learning experience useful for members with or without a management background.

As the association grows, inevitably more issues are highlighted and with each hurdle that we overcome, our capacity to stand out as a community service organization increases.



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