Regardless of the location from one’s comfort zone, uncertainties will always cloud judgments thus hindering a good and fair decision. The inability to find a proper source to address this situation results in an accumulation of problems for the uninitiated. How many times have we heard ourselves say ‘I have so many things to deal with but I don’t know where to start’.

Well, this is where we start. We get a bunch of people together and begin with sharing ideas. Through time acquaintances from different levels and directions will have known each other and a considerable network of friends will start to develop. Arrange events big and small and put enough effort to make sure they go as planned.

Through the activities drafted out in the pipeline, we aim to be the development channel for the acquisition of knowledge among members. Their voluntary active participation will provide a network exposure platform which will subsequently lead to a wealth of knowledge about specific reference points and contact persons. There is indeed limited impact in ‘giving a person fish to eat’ compared to the countless possibilities as a result of ‘teaching a person to fish’.



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