Persatuan Warisan Sarawak, believes in the strength in number. It is an ancient strategy which holds true to this day. The multiple straws proverb echoes across the globe as a symbol of strength in a united community.

We value the heritage and tradition of every ethnic origin that has stood the test of time in Sarawak. Each individual owns unique characteristics and qualities partly attributed to the molds of traditional values. On their own they can do many things but when a pool of talented individuals from various ethnic backgrounds work together for the greater good, the result is limited only to the imagination.

It is a less known fact that a huge number of Sarawakians have called Kuala Lumpur their home. Each person or family is only linked to close friends and relatives living in the vicinity.

On the other hand, it is a best known fact that people from the same country or state look forward to meeting each other whenever they are abroad. Malaysians appreciate meeting other Malaysians overseas. The joy increases with the revelation of coming form the same village or neighborhood.

It is based on these facts that inspired us to build a strong network of Sarawakians helping Sarawakians in the challenging metropolis life outside mother land. Carrying the Sarawak pride would not only be rewarding, it will have a remarkable impact on others.

The resulting phenomenon is hoped to generate a dynamic growth in the pool of talents and resources in order to sustain a productive generation, fueling our responsibility as heirs who owe the next generation a better future.



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