Rome was not built in one day.

While it may not take a great deal to start something, it certainly requires more than just enthusiasm to develop it into something worthwhile.

This organization was sparked by a few like minded people who did not care how small it would seem in the beginning. All that mattered to them was to initiate something which would benefit the community. The premise of this organization is growth. Growth fueled by the beneficial evidence it generates through activities executed with the right attitude and approach.

One of the powerful tools used by successful groups of people around the world is networking. Though it is one of the most over rated and most misunderstood term, (and also misused art at worst), it never fails to benefit people with the right attitude.

Networking doesn’t start when you need something. People with the right attitude don’t begin networking when they are faced with tough situations. They already know it was bound to happen. They just don’t know when. And they usually have a fall back plan because they’ve invested their time and commitment in genuinely getting to know people with the same interests and/or concerns.

It may sound selfish but let’s face it, it does take a lot of work to continuously belong to a network or circle of friends. There are very few people who can accept a person who only takes and receives, but never gives. There is no such thing as free lunch, at least not all the time, if you get the drift. Getting acquainted is one thing, staying in people’s good books is another different story. Furthermore, ‘giving’ has a positive impression that lasts.

That said, on the other hand, networking does not mean totally giving all your worth. The key word here is ‘mutual’. Some people call it karma, some call it common sense. Either way, it works just fine.

And as long as there is the need to interact with regards to mutual interests and concerns, the network will continue to grow. And as long as the outcome of the relationship is seen as a win-win situation, it only gets better.

Add to that honesty, faith and trust, there is no telling how far this relationship can go



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