Hornbill Festival 2011

Hornbill Festival 2011 on AirAsiaRedTix Platform
Talks and discussions between Persatuan Warisan Sarawak and AirAsia's events and ticketing portal AirAsiaRedTix.com have made it possible for Hornbill Festival 2011 to ride on the global platform of AirAsia. An agreement has been established between Warisan Sarawak and AirAsiaRedTix to host the registration of both Kumang and Keling Competition 2011 and Ethnic Dance Competition 2011 on AirAsiaRedTix platform.  The sale of tickets for both Saturday and Sunday events will also be done via the same platform. Read more

Terms And Conditions
1. Ethnic Dance Terms And Conditions
2. Kumang Hornbil Festival Terms and Conditions
3. Keling Hornbill Festival Terms and Conditions
4. Tentative Program Schedule

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